spilled milk...

It's not news that it is hot here in New York and has been for several weeks. Everyday. Without a break. I am kind of terrified of the inevitably huge number that will arrive printed at the top of our utility bill this month. Yet, nothing could be done. In this heat, it's about survival.

Survival and ice cream.

Only today, we have no ice cream in our house. Last night after enjoying a bit before getting ready for bed, I went out to the kitchen to put the second half of mine back in the freezer. I had had enough and didn't want the rest to go to waste. I put the lid on, placed it back in the freezer and closed the door.

Or so I thought.

This morning when Mr. Boom pulled open the freezer to fill his thermos with ice we found a few cubes in the tray. Floating in a vat of water. Oh my ____!!!! I'm not sure exactly why the door didn't close last night. Maybe I didn't push it hard enough. Maybe something got stuck. It was closed enough that I didn't notice a difference at the time or when I was in the kitchen again at about 1:00 am to pump. But, the evidence was undeniable.

Garbage pick-up was this morning and out went a full bag of almost everything. We were able to salvage what was in the center and was still frozen solid (a couple vacuum sealed meals and vegetables) but the rest, including the ice cream, went in the trash.

And then there was the liquid gold. My very small but precious freezer stash of pumped milk. Thankfully it was all still slushy so, I was able to make G's bottles for today from the few freezer bags, which will allow me to freeze yesterday's milk later. This was not in the plan. The first thing I said after we saw what had happened was, "The milk!!!"

Things happen in strange ways. In the end, I'll probably only lose a few ounces. Just two days ago, after a bad day of pumping, I was lamenting about my small stash. Today, I'm thankful that I only had about a day's worth frozen and that this incident wasn't a much larger disaster.

Today, I will not cry over spilled milk. But, I will be pumping more and will give the freezer door an extra nudge. Every time. Just in case.


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