1st vacation: at the lake...

While it was only a couple of days due to our work schedules and little available time off, we made the absolute most out of those days and your first vacation. Your great-aunt and uncle have a beautiful house on a huge lake upstate and graciously shared it all with us this past weekend. We had a hunch you would love swimming in the lake because of your obsession with bathtime but, your reaction was even better than we'd hoped. You loved it, splashed in it, soaked it all up.

Your very own float!

We were so proud of you and happy to enjoy this time together...

The reason we chose the weekend we did was so that you would be able to spend time with your only aunt and first cousin. Your aunt got to meet you when you were just two days, then visited again when you were three weeks for a few days but, your cousin was too young to visit while you were still so tiny. Unfortunately, we all live far away from each other and meeting him hadn't been possible before now. I happen to think that it ended up perfect this way. You are so curious right now and so interested in other kids that it made your introduction a great pleasure.

C and G, finally together (C is almost 4 years, G is 7.5 months). Their faces say it all :-)


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Beautiful photos, it sure looks like you all had a great vacation. I can't believe your little nephew is 4 already, wow, that went fast, I remember when you were scrapping his baby pictures. You have an amazing family there Jen ... enjoy!

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