diaper bag lust...

When it comes to purses and bags, I'm a collector (much to my husband's chagrin). I love a well made, stylish and functional bag. Coach and Dooney & Bourke are my favorite go-to's for durability and fashion. I've seriously put a halt to my bag shopping over the past year but, the mommy-to-be instinct has me on the prowl again, this time for a great diaper bag. Here are my top three favorites so far:
Skip*Hop Studio in Charcoal
Rowdy Sophisticate Bowler in Tan

Petunia Pickle Pottom Boxy Backpack in Moon Over Macau (LOVE!!!)
During a trip to Destination Maternity yesterday, I saw the Petunia (oh, Petunia how I love thee!) and Skip*Hop in person and had to resist the urge to drool...omg, want! You know what? My birthday is coming around before this little one arrives so, I'm thinking - wish list? ;-)


color my world...

This weekend, Mr. B worked tirelessly to paint our master bedroom and the ceiling of the office (soon to be nursery). We had purchased the paint a while back but, the time to do the actual work escaped us until now. The color in both rooms is a warm tan - think cafe au lait - and I love how it turned out with the addition of white crown moulding. And our bedroom? Finally sporting the bedding we received as a shower gift back in January! Here's the visual:
Bedding is Raymond Waites from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Lamps (one on each side of the bed) were a fabulous Home Goods find.

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on the road again...

Last week, I took my car in for its yearly state inspection. To my great surprise, the three year old car failed the emissions test. Ridiculous. The good thing? A nice service center worker advised me to save myself some money and turn the car in early (my lease was up in August). Recognizing that this was probably sage advice, Mr. B and I made plans to visit the dealership this weekend.

All's well that ends well...yesterday, I got a pretty, shiny, brand-new car. Over the past few days I've had a lot of suggestions of small SUVs and mini-vans. No thanks to both. We already have one gas guzzler in this little family and have no need for another. But, let me tell you, the trunk in this new car? Huge and cavernous! I have a pretty long torso and am above average height and I can't reach the back of this puppy. It's sensible and family-friendly but, is also fun to drive!
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and a happy 4th it was...

Our celebration started a little early with a BBQ and fireworks on Friday night. My in-laws' backyard has an unobstructed view of the exact area of sky where the fireworks are launched. This was our third year in a row celebrating over great grilled food and a spectacular show - minus the crowds or traffic. Perfect!
On the 4th we took a short road trip to visit my cousin, her husband and daughter in NJ. They live in a picturesque little town right on the PA border with a lot to do this time of year. Lucky for us, the nearby tourist area of Peddler's Village was having a festival. Walking around the beautiful grounds, popping in and out of the shops and eating some treats was a great way to enjoy the perfect weather and the holiday. While pregnancy brain had both my cousin and I forgetting our cameras (yes, she's also expecting!) my iPhone came in handy for this shot of the cute and curious Sophie.
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summer (book) lovin'

After things settled down from the wedding, I did something I'd said I wanted to for years: joined a local book club. It's been a great experience so far. An eclectic group of women, book talk and good food (everyone brings a dish, snack or drink to share).

July's book sounds fun and quirky, set in one of my favorite places - England. Looking forward to this supposed literary "slice" of heaven during my long weekend. What's on your summer reading list?
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