a few favorites, for now...

Because favorite things in the life of an infant have the potential to change instantaneously, here are a few that G is loving in his little world right now:

1) Murray. The big, orange furry monster that hosts Sesame Street. Want to see a silly baby grin any time of day? Pick an episode, any episode of Sesame Street on the DVR and as soon as this shaggy thing pops on the screen...bring on the smiles! Although I'm not a fan of plunking my baby in front of the television, Mama needs to shower. Murray helps me accomplish this task every morning. He may be a bit ghetto for my taste but, he helps a Mama out and makes the boy giggle. Can't argue with that logic.
2) Hot-Kid Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks. Say what? Way to make a really simple teething cracker sound super complicated folks. Baby food purees are great but, these are helping G learn to start feeding himself while buying me a minute to prepare his meals without squeals. The box we have at home says they are "No mess." Liar, liar, pants on fire. The sticky, spit full rice clumps end up everywhere with these things but, G loves them. And, that's what washcloths are for, no? Thanks to my cousin for the suggestion.
3) Evenflo Triple Fun Jungle Exersaucer. G is obsessed with this thing. He jumps and jumps and jumps until we are certain he will wear out the industrial strength springs on the legs. And then he jumps some more. See the alligator in the front? It comes apart in three pieces and his personal mission is to make sure those pieces are always hanging off the front. He'll bounce them out, toss them out or swipe them out but, the alligator must never be intact. Not ever.
4) Happy Bellies Organic Oatmeal. It's actually pretty tasty and is a staple for both of G's daily meals. I just picked up their multi-grain cereal and we'll try that soon.
5) Fisher Price Laugh, Learn & Love to Play Puppy. All of a sudden, he loves this puppy. I think it is quite possibly possessed (several times, I've heard it talk in the middle of the night over the baby monitor - even though it is across the room from the crib and none of the sensors could have been triggered. It now gets switched off at bedtime) but, G is tickled by the songs and the heart that lights up. He particulalrly loves when the puppy and I sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" together.

(Standard disclaimer: Nope, I'm not affiliated with any of the above companies, nor did I receive products or compensation of any kind (sadly) for saying nice things about them. They are just things G likes. Period.)


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