when things are easy and when they are not quite so...

This photo captured one of the easier moments of the past two days. Sunday was hot, humid, overcast with threatening storms and absolutely nasty outside but, this boy does not like to be kept indoors all day. He had taken a wonderfully long nap that didn't allow for a trip anywhere outside of town. So, we walked. The dark clouds stayed quiet for a blessed hour as we walked and walked around the block. G didn't make a sound the whole time. He loves people watching and becomes enthralled with the cars and trucks driving by. About halfway in I stood in front of the stroller and talked to him a bit, then took out my phone to snap this photo saying, "Smile for Daddy!" And, so he did.
The not-quite-so-easy part was the reason why I was sending a photo to Mr. Boom instead of walking with him. Scheduling G's baptism. It has been a chore. First we had to put it on hold because of the hip/harness issue. Then, it was a renovation project and knowing that summer and the resulting vacations wreak havoc with party planning. By the time we knew it, we were looking at autumn and finally found a date that seemed to work for us,the godparent, my out-of-town sister and nephew and the church. Booked it and done. Right?

Not even close.

The priest is free, the church is open but, the church hall where we planned to hold the reception? Notsomuch. The hunt was on (and fast!) for a venue that wouldn't eat up G's college fund, would hold the amount of people we want/need to invite AND had enough available parking. While I was taking that cute photo, Mr. Boom was driving from one end of the county to the other checking out potential places.

Without any luck.

Nothing even remotely close to the church was a viable option. The locations were either a fortune, run down, had bad reviews or had no parking at all. We were looking to book a simple luncheon, for crying out loud, not a wedding! Actually, our wedding may have been easier. Thankfully, last night we found and booked a place. It is a good distance from the church (although right off the highway) but, fit all of our other criteria and will allow us to use the same caterer as was used for my baby shower...which was delicious!

Now, if only I could find a printable, digital invitation design that I actually like!


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