happy 1/2 birthday baby boy...

Already half a year since you surprised us with your early Christmas Eve arrival! While the first few months passed by in a blink, you amazed us in the last three with your blooming personality and the rate at which you have mastered new skills. You overcame your hip dysplasia and, finally, thankfully, were freed from the harness you wore for the majority of your new life.

At six months you:
  • are incredibly curious. Wherever we are, you scan your surroundings and all of the people around you. You particularly love loud patterns, moving vehicles, faces wearing glasses and beards/mustaches.
  • recognize your mom and dad and both sets of grandparents
  • respond to your name in both English and Greek
  • listen to conversations in Greek intently and they never fail to make you smile, though your favorites are Pappou's silly talk and "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" with Daddy.
  • are ticklish! The spots seem to migrate but we've gotten great belly laughs by tickling your feet, belly and right underarm.
  • roll in both directions, and fast!
  • are sitting on your own for several minutes at a time. You're learning to keep your balance as you reach for and grab toys around you.
  • love being read to. Your favorite books are: Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, Not the Hippopotamus, Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb and A Color of His Own.
  • fall asleep best while being nursed and listening to Mommy singing Brahm's Lullaby. You aren't consistently sleeping through the night yet but, have done so several times in the past few weeks (fingers crossed!).
  • are doing so well on solid foods and have liked everything you've tried so far. Right now, you are eating two solid meals each day.
  • seem to be teething, although no tooth buds are evident. Still, you are drooling buckets and chew on everything. Everything!
  • have a fascination with hair pulling, especially Mommy's. Probably my least favorite of your accomplishments.
  • have gotten deliciously chubby through the cheeks, arms and legs. Oh, those meaty thighs! We haven't been to the doctor since your four month check-up and I can't wait to see how much you weigh at your next appointment this coming Monday.
  • are a flirt! You give out big, gummy smiles to anyone who sweet talks you - and believe me, there are dozens no matter where we go. You already have natural charisma and easily draw people in.
  • love to jump! Your exersaucer has springs in the legs and it is your personal mission to try to wear them out each and every day. Once you get going, you cause quite the racket but, are so happy about it that we can't complain.
  • are such a happy, giggly boy. You may be serious when you are tired or concentrating on something but, you are generally quick to flash that adorable right cheek dimple.

You are the absolute joy in our life and Daddy and I are loving watching you grow and change every day. Although it's all going far too fast, each new stage is so fun and exciting that we can't help but look forward to whatever comes next.

I love you to the moon and back, sweet boy!


we have a sitter...

G is learning things everyday and far too quickly. It's exciting, makes me proud and is a bit terrifying all at once. Last week, he learned to roll over, back and forth and this weekend? He's suddenly, at not quite six months old, an independent sitter. Not only sitting but, doing so for minutes at a time and able to grab his own toys while maintaining balance. C.r.a.z.y.


putting on my big girl pants...

Literally and figuratively.

Other than a few special dress up occasions in the past five and a half months, I've been living in yoga pants, jeans and shorts. My nursing tops, tanks and tees all now worn soft and with various drool patches. It's been a comfy existence and I've loved every minute. I've been home raising our boy full-time on extended maternity leave that, by the time it comes to a sad end, will have lasted over 6 months. Now, I'm on the verge of donning dress pants, proper shoes and professional tops once again.

Six months is far more than most working mamas get in the United States. It's a crime that the wealthiest nation in the world treats parenthood with such disregard. Did you know that Canada gives parents a full year at home to raise their children? Yet on our side of the border, the standard is six weeks for a vaginal birth and eight weeks for a c-section. FMLA is a generous *eye roll* twelve weeks, if certain conditions are met. And in each of the six, eight and twelve week scenarios, being paid is not a given.

The one {very important} perk of having worked in social services for more than 12 years was this fringe...cashing in all of my accrued sick and vacation time to, essentially, be paid to raise G for his first half year.

But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

My heart is already heavy thinking to July 6th and my return to career outside of our house, without G in my arms. But, mostly, I really like what I do. My company worked out a 21 hour position in order to keep me with them. They get me three days a week on a flexible schedule, according to the needs of the program. The job I'm moving to is with a very exciting, energized group of people who are passionate about what they do, growing the program and making a difference. It's a positive move with a much, much longer commute. That will allow me to be home four days a week doing what I really, truly love.


I'm hoping after the initial shock of my return to the office wears off and I get somewhat used to the commute in and out of the city that I'll feel this trade-off is the best of both worlds. The majority of the week home with sweet G and a few days doing something that matters in the grown-up world.

Time will tell.


proofs: family portrait...

I am so grateful to Tara Leigh for these portraits, just a few of the thirty plus we'll need to somehow choose from. She is incredibly talented, has a great sense of humor and put us at ease immediately. The session felt more like a walk in Central Park with a new friend than anything we had expected.
We are thrilled to have had her capture our new family. Tara, you make us look good!
curious g...
sleepy, squishy face...
oh, those cheeks!

and, my very favorite...

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