first swing...

We had decided that last Saturday, at 7 months, it was high time the George learn to swing. Knowing that the forecast predicted terribly hot and humid conditions, we figured we'd outsmart mother nature and get to the park by 8:30 am before the worst of the heat rolled in. The surprise was on us as the heat of the day was on full blast long before we stepped out the door that morning. As in, we were drenched by the time we made it to the park - 2 short blocks from our doorstep!
Still, G did get to swing (for about three minutes) and he seemed to get a kick out of being suspended in air, looking around at the park and playing with the chains. Something tells me our neighborhood park is about to become a favorite of this little boy!


Unknown said...

isn't the first time in the swing fun? I love his expression!

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