project life: another week, another insert...

Look, an update in real time! I can't quite believe it myself.  Somehow my pages for Project Life came together in about two hours total this week.  So fast that I was still had daylight to take photos, upload, edit and even post here. Maybe this is my system really working? Here's hoping...

{April 16 - 22}
LEFT: Baby amidst laundry, record high temperatures in April, pain at the pump, a video chat screen capture, more park photos and a note about our brilliant toddler all on one side.

RIGHT: Tree hugging, brotherly love, coffee (yes, please!), discovering toys and a cute little baby tush.

INSERT FRONT: I hadn't planned on yet another insert this week (3 weeks running!) but, we had such a wonderful day on Sunday with too many photos to choose just one. The divided photo page I used not a PL product but, works great and is available here, if interested.

INSERT BACK: Front and back are about how we made the most of a rainy day inside with pita pizzas, baking cookies, drawing and stickering and fun with pipe cleaners and a colander.
{As always, click on any photo for more detail}


project life: a FIVE week update...

True to the promise I made to myself when starting Project Life this year, I have been staying right on top of it and am caught up through this past weekend.  Blogging about it, well, obviously, that's another story! To redeem myself this post is a massive update complete with the past five weeks of our family album, including two inserts.
{March 12 - 18}
{March 19 - 25}

{March 26 - April 1}

{April 2 - 8}

Insert (front): George's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

Insert (back): Jack at 2 months and his 1st Easter Bunny photo
(many thanks to Tania for the adorable felt whale!)

{April 3 - 15}

Insert (front): G's 1st kite and J's 1st picnic. There were just too many photos I wanted to use not to include another page for this family day at the park.

Insert (back): Orthodox Easter
I am loving using Instagram photos, scaled down and inserted here, there and everywhere.  I strongly believe that the best camera is the one you have in your hand. Many times, for me, that is the camera on my iPhone. I process my favorites in Instagram and always often have a difficult time choosing my favorites by the end of the week. Instead of forcing a full card of journaling for every single day of the week, often a small photo with a few words tells an even better story.

Also notice my obsession with use of both washi tape and labels.  I am really trying to keep this album fairly simple in order to stay caught up but, I still like to add a few little touches.  Washi tape makes it very easy to add a little pattern and color with no fuss. And, using labels cuts way down on editing time. Instead of adding a lot of text to photos pre-printing, a label works just as well, if not better.  I'm partial to the Martha Stewart for Avery line available at Staples. They are super inexpensive compared to scrapbooking supplies, readily available, great quality and come in a lot of beautiful colors. Add in these things plus a few free printable journaling cards found around the web (check out my Project Life board on Pinterest) and, there you have it!
I'm still doing this...and truly loving it :)
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