About two months ago I signed up for a Facebook account, mainly so that it would be easier to keep in touch with my cousins who are of all ages and scattered across the country and the globe. Stumbling though it for the first month or so until I figured things out, the experience has been, well, lackluster. I didn't really see what all the rage was. Yes, it was interesting to have old friends from college and high school getting in touch after many years. Mainly though, it was just one more web page to monitor and keep up to date.

Then, my fiance joined.

Suddenly, facebook has a whole new meaning.

Last night, we were in separate rooms on our own computers and we were talking....through Facebook. Clearly, there is something very wrong with this. LOL!


with 125 days to go...

FI and I were cleaning up the condo, getting ready for some friends to arrive, when I saw the clock...125 days?!?! Why does it take me by surprise every time we hit these increments?

Yes! I went to the stationery shop yesterday at lunch time and placed the order. The electronic proof will be in next week. With a little luck, I'll have everything in my hands by November 14th. A girl can dream, right?

I haven't posted any updates in a while so, I figured I'd snap a few pics and share the minor things that have been happening in our planning. A couple of weeks ago, I saw the bio of a local knottie (Riss91) who had transformed a pre-made wooden box from a local shop into her card box. Since I was going to be in the area of the store a few days later, I went in to see if they had any left - $15 later I walked out with this...

No, not as is. We'll replace the scene on the top with one of our engagement photos and FI will cut (and sand) a slit in the wood just under the moulding. I'll paint our monogram and wedding date over the scene on the front of the box. We'll add two hinges (that match the set on the back) to the front to secure the opening, paint them white and that will be it! I love that we found this solution for under $20 total.
While in the same store, I picked up these monogrammed tissues (6 packs in each set) for our bathroom baskets. Monogram overboard? Maybe but, they were a total of $4 and were too cute to resist.
During my last work holiday earlier this month, I dedicated the day to wedding projects. We had already purchased all of the crystals and glass marbles for our centerpieces and figured out how much we would need of each when we did our mock-up. To make things easier on our venue (read: to make certain things end up the way I planned them) I pre-measured what is needed for each centerpiece in ziplock bags and wrote the table number on the top. I'll give a photograph of our mock-up to the coordinator and all they will have to do is set up the elements and empty one bag per table onto the charger.
When we had our last appointment at the church, I told the priest that I would like to have my christmation to enter the church before the wedding. Since I was baptized Roman Catholic, my baptism is recognized by the Greek Orthodox church (no dunking in a baby pool on the altar for me!). Instead, I will have a short ceremony following mass where I receive a blessing and state my intentions to marry into the church. I have read quite a bit about orthodoxy but, our priest gave me a stak of books and pamphlets to read to prepare for my conversion. Just a little light reading material...LOL! I really need to make the time to get started on this.

And, today FI and I visited several hotels in the area to (finally!) book a block of rooms for our wedding guests. Every hotel we visited was just beautiful (two were renovated in the past year, one was brand new). In the end, we decided to book with the Marriot that had a full staff on the weekend. It was reassuring to me that they would be prepared to take care of us that weekend. We will have an Event Coordinator assigned to us that will help us with early check-ins, the morning after brunch, OOT bags and anything else we might need. As an added bonus, the bride and groom are given a complementary room on their wedding night for securing the block. So, CHECK for the room block and CHECK on knowing where we will spend our wedding night!

And, our aisle runner arrived in the mail a few days ago. If FI has time to print out the HUGE monogram on his plotter at work this coming week (one more reason to love my engineer!), I hope to get painting next weekend. Whenever I do start, I'll be taking pics each step of the way.


love this man...

I must have done something very good to deserve my fiance. We were talking the other day about some of the things we have done through our relationship and both commented that we're not quite sure what our lives were like before then. In relative terms, we have not known each other all that long, just over 2 years. But, the significance far outweighs the days and months. I'd been independent for a very long time and he is the one that settled me. He made me want to slow down, to love deeply and to truly be a part of a team. I love him for that and so, so much more. 130 days until our wedding day, and not a moment too soon.


102 (partially) finished programs...

I was off work yesterday for a religious holiday (not mine) and was determined to make some wedding related progress. I had printed the monograms for my program covers last weekend and the plan was to finish all of the covers yesterday. Somehow, I ended up with 102 instead of 100 - a minor thing but, funny! Darn good thing I'm not an accountant. And...here they are!!!
It took about three hours to score all of the black cardstock and then attach the monograms with double sided adhesive and I love the finished products! Thank goodness for my scrapbooking adhesive gun (Scotch ATG)! It's been a god-send in all of my DIY projects.

And, another little share. I don't think I ever posted the photo I found of our new ceremony ballroom with candlelight:
I think the second photo is fairly representative of what our reception set-up will look like with all of the candlelit centerpieces (minus the flowers and with chiavari chairs!). Four and a half months to go!


printer verdict is in...

I've put our new printer though it's paces in the past two days printing out over 100 monograms for our program covers...gorgeous! I decided to use heavy, textured cardstock and the machine not only took it without hesitation but, it printed beautifully! So happy with our choice. Once I get some of the covers assembled, I'll post a pic.

On Thursday night, FI and I had our second appointment with the priest at our church. I went with a full notebook page of questions regarding the ceremony time, service, rehearsal, my conversion, flowers...you name it! Father Nick was very patient and sweet as he walked us through everything. And, by walking us through, I do mean that he took us down the aisle and up to the altar, explaining what the service will be like. It was a surreal and exciting feeling standing next to FI in front of the priest and the sanctuary. Brought everything into much sharper focus and feeling closer than ever. I can't wait to marry this man!

Today, we were talking about our wedding to-do list and the fact that we can now order invitations, since we have the ceremony time. Fabulous. I had chosen invites months ago and showed them to FI again to make sure we were on the same page. Um, not so much. He thought they were okay. We are putting way too much money and effort into this to do something that is just "okay." So, we spent a good chunk of this afternoon at the stationer looking through invitation books. And we actually found one that we both really like. Much more traditional than my first choice and, this one will actually use one of our colors - the type and envelope linings will match our blue. The border is a pearlized damask.

And, as of tonight, I am finished with the type for the interior of our programs! Because I am not yet familiar with the breadth of the ceremony it took quite some time. FI sweetly offered to help type but, I finished the job since it was also helping me learn. Just want to add flourishes above and below our names on the first page and copy in directions from the church to the reception for the last page and I'll be able to check off one more thing...very, very early!

Add one more thing to the to-do list - an aisle runner! I didn't think we'd need one since the aisle of our church is fairly short but, our priest was pretty clear that we should. Of course, it will need a handpainted monogram, don't they all? One more DIY project! Now, off to search for a good deal. ***Update: I found a runner online, found a 50% off coupn and a reduced shipping offer...score! Should be here by the end of the week!


another great WR weekend...

We actually didn't have a whole lot planned for the weekend that was wedding specific. FI had been scheduled to work and I was booked to shoot my very first Trash the Dress session for a local knottie. Well, FI's job got postponed and my shoot had to be rescheduled due to rain (rain + beach = mud...blech!). So, we were left with a lot of time on our hands an decided to make the most of it.

Luckily, FI's cousin's wife (his cousin is our wedding sponsor or, kumbaro) was available so, we took a trip down to the Greek section of Queens to make out final decision on the stefana for the Ceremony. Stefana are the floral crowns that are worn by the bride and groom during a portion of the ceremony and are very symbolic. We decided on a set that is very traditional similar to this (why didn't I bring my camera???):

After the wedding, the crowns are preserved and kept hanging in the couple's home as a reminder of their commitment and the sacrament. We chose this very traditional case (stefanothiki) which is actually an exact replica of his parents'. The stefana are place inside. We'll hang it in our bedroom:

Also on that trip, we chose our wedding favors. Yes, yes, we DO already have favors - our monogrammed chocolates in the boxes I designed. We're still doing those - one per person at each place setting. However, FI really wanted a tangible favor as well based on his cultural traditions. So, we chose something. The shop we purchased them from includes the wrapping and little tulle bundles of koufeta (an odd number of jordan almonds) in the cost...woo hoo! They had about 50 options for wrapping and one in particular stood out to me. Decision reached.

Sunday, I made the determination mid-morning that my photo shoot would have to be postponed due to the weather (it was pretty nasty out). Definitely not in the plan but, for the best in the end. So, we made yet another list of things to do. Among them was the search for a new inkjet printer. Mine had up and died before my move and his is way too basic for anything wedding related. Off to Staples we went and decided on a printer that I am actually excited to start using. The HP Photosmart D7560:

I'm going to be counting on this machine for volume output in the next four and a half months. I'll let you know how it goes. We're planning to set it up tonight and start some test prints!


closer and closer...

When I logged onto my computer Sunday and checked my blog, I found this...


In the back of my mind I knew it was coming up but, seeing it gave me a jolt - of excitement, joy and (I can't lie) a bit of panic. Two days later, the countdown clock read 150 days left. Holy cow! Ultimately, I think we're in a very good spot. Our major vendors are all booked and most are more than 1/2 paid for, we have made all of our decor decisions and have purchased nearly everything we need. Just lots of little details left. So, why then did I wake up at 3:00 this morning obsessed about the details of the ceremony programs? I never did fall back asleep *sigh* this might be a lonnnnng day!

My sister (MOH) has told me that she and my bridesmaids scheduled my shower date for January 17th. Although a couple of my girls were disappointed that it would not be a surprise, my sister knew that I would want to know the date (I'm not a big fan of being surprised by a large group of people) - thanks, sis! All I know of the details is that it will take place at one of my favorite restaurants. I'm sure it will be fun but, mostly I'm just looking forward to spending the weekend with my sister who will be flying in for the weekend!

So, what else is new? Two of my bridesmaids chose their dresses:

They both look terrific and are comfortable. Just reaffirms my decision let let them all choose their own styles. And, a little addition to my attire - my mom bought this Bride hoodie for me when she was visiting a couple of weeks ago. I plan to wear it as I am getting ready the morning of the wedding. I know it's a frivolous thing but, I'm only planning on doing this once so, why not?
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