happy 1/2 birthday to jack!

Our sweet Jack turned 6 months yesterday. Half a year already flown by! His well visit happened to be yesterday as well so, his stats are up to the minute. At six months he:
  • weighs 16 pounds and 26.5" long
  • is wearing size 3-6 clothing and size 2 dipes (soon to be 3's)
  • started solid foods this past weekend with sweet potato, followed by squash
  • is sitting unassisted
  • loves being outside for walks and our park trips
  • is not even close to sleeping through the night
  • is super ticklish and has the best belly laughs
  • is super happy and smiley
  • loves to play with his feet
  • chews on his thumb or first two fingers
  • has no sign of teeth but is full of drool
  • is attempting to scoot around but, not quite there yet (I can wait!)
  • reaches for us
  • gets super excited when Baba comes home from work at night
  • babbles and shrieks through the day
  • likes to be cuddled and carried
  • is strong and likes to stand (holding our fingers) for long periods of time
  • is an absolute sweetheart!


project life: up to date...phew!

As promised, I photographed and am sharing the last five weeks of my Project Life album. Done. Through this past Sunday, July 29th! I've been keeping with my scheduled Tuesdays to complete each week and it's been a good plan.

You may notice in the last few weeks that I have been using many more digital cards and elements. Time is short and the most important thing about this project is that I document our life right now, record the bits that would otherwise be long forgotten and take photos each day. Using our computer as a "supply" to keep on top of this album is sometimes just an easier way.  As much as I love using all kinds of fun paper goods, I'm okay with that. Again, Project life is about documentation - however that works for YOU! One week that may mean lots of handcrafted elements and others it may be lots of typed journaling. I don't feel that my album has to have a cohesive design. The "design" is our family. It's what works for me.

{June 25 - July 1}
Play date with dear friends, Mr. Boom's lacrosse league, evening at the park, rainy day crafts and baby grins
Recording some of G's sayings right now, the Back to the Future date arrives, G's 2.5 year well visit, baby snuggles and turn-around camera fun
{July 2 - July 8}
Cousins play date, Jack almost sitting, portraits, good morning greetings from Mr. Boom in his full work gear
July 4th insert
Jack turns FIVE months - and that 5 die cut? An amazing new product coming soon from The Crafter's Workshop
 Pappou's birthday, a visit from YiaYia and Pop, meeting some February babies and moms at the mall, an update to our photo wall
 {July 9 - July 15)
My all time favorite photo (for now) of both boys, Jack's 1st time in his excersaucer, coffee with a friend and bath time
Park, Farmer's Market, muffin baking and Mr. Boom and I met 6 years ago this week
 {July 16 - July 22}
Jack is sitting (!!!), my CHA Summer projects were pinned on Pinterest, yet another heat wave, fun play date and a story about one of G's new sayings
Mr. Boom's Saint Name Day celebrated, G playing in his grandparents yard (about to greatly change), welcoming a new baby friend and a BBQ with lots of other February babies and families
   {July 23 - July 29}
The 2012 games begin, started buying baby food for Jack, a new park and children's museum trip
A surprise visit, a sighting in town, getting new toys and more from the children's museum
And with that, my friends, Project Life is up to date AND blogged :)
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