seven months of g...

Hello sweet boy,

Today you have been in our lives for seven wonderful months. It's your third season, your first summer, and it's been a scorcher! We've had to get creative with outings to keep you cool and, earlier this month you had your first swim in your very own little pool. Which you loved. A lot. We are so looking forward to taking you on your first vacation to the lake next month.

At seven months you:
  • have made it through your first illness - an ear infection. You were pretty uncomfortable but bounced back quickly. Then, after only 4 days of the antibiotics, you developed a rash all over your little body. Likely diagnosis? A slight allergy to penicillin.
  • are rolling as far as we will let you. We'll put you down on the floor to play with your toys and in mere seconds you'll roll yourself across the room to something more interesting. Thinking that crawling is in the very near future. Let the baby proofing begin!
  • are still toothless for now.
  • have made nighttime a guessing game. Just when we think you've gotten the hang of sleeping better (read: 1-2 short wake ups), you all of a sudden revert back to a few nights of being up every hour on the hour. Let's grow out of this one quickly, okay?
  • giggle. A LOT! At silly sounds we make, belly raspberries and when we laugh. It's the best sound in the world. I hope you can always find and enjoy humor in the everyday.
  • love your food. It is such a pleasure to feed you and to be treated to your joyful, "Mmmmmm's." So far you have loved everything you've tried and we're hoping you become as much of a foodie as your parents. You eat a mixture of jarred food and food that I make for you (chicken, peas and green beans so far).
  • are quickly climbing the growth charts. At your 6 month appointment you weighed 16lb, 14 oz (35th percentile) but, just three short weeks later (7.15.10) at the sick appointment for your ear, you were already up to 18lb, 4oz!
  • are still wearing almost all of your 3-6 month clothes and have started being able to wear a few more of your 6-9's without them looking huge.
  • are still nursing well. I pump for you during my work days and you, thankfully, have been taking your bottles without a problem.
  • have handled Mama's transition back to work (part-time) like a champ! You spend two days a week with your Yia-Yia and one day with Christine and your friend, C.
  • understand object permanence, especially when it involves the t.v. remote control!
  • like playing peek-a-boo with a small blanket or burp cloth.
  • have started to suck your thumb a bit more to self-soothe. It's not all the time, but seems to comfort you when you remember to use it.
  • really, really want to stand on your own and would be happy if we held you up to do so all day long.
  • are slightly obsessed with the pull chains on the ceiling fan in your room and love turning the light on and off, and on and off and...
  • reach your little arms up to us now when you want to be held. love this!
  • have a new way of letting us know you want something - you hold out a hand and touch together your thumb and first two fingers in the direction of the desired object. so cute!
  • no longer want to sit in your infant carrier in the stroller. You now sit in the stroller facing forward and intently watch the world go by. You seem to be particularly interested in passing cars and trucks.
  • no longer want to sit in your stroller at all when we are on indoor outings, such as the mall. Thanking your grandma everytime I put you in the ERGObaby. You end up content and I'm happy to have your snuggled close.

We absolutely adore you, little guy, and are continually amazed by how much you change everyday and how much you have changed our lives for the better.

I love you to the moon and back,



Mom said...

I love your monthly posts, Honey! This is such a wonderful time in your lives and am so happy for all of you.

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