project life: week 15...

The past few weeks have been filled with visitors, home renovations and being outside enjoying the gorgeous spring days in our backyard. With all of that, my blogging has fallen away but, there has been sporadic creative time behind the scenes.

Today, I'm sharing my week 15. My pages have been trending toward a lighter, brighter, simpler approach lately. My Project Life time often happens in 2-5 minute increments now, as I can catch a quiet moment in the day. A natural evolution toward simplicity. This week uses the May Citrus Twist  Pocket life and Pocket Life Embellishment kits, as well as the add-on stamp.

Back to that simplicity? Part of that has meant quick journaling on white backgrounds with a bit of embellishing. I feel very strongly about the personal touch of using my own handwriting on my pages for a personal feel so, I've made sure to add in bits here and there.

This week also shows my concerted effort to get photos of myself and my husband in this album regularly. Since I am a stay at home mom and take photos of the kids all day long, it's easy to have only those three little people represented but, that isn't the whole story! Mommy and Baba need to be there too. Relationships need to be documented with photos. It matters.

Week 14 will be up later this week and, if I can get it photographed, also a throwback to Week 8 that was just recently completed. Hopping all over this year but getting it documented.

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