mama initiation, by fire...

Three firsts happened for G yesterday, none of which were welcomed or amusing in the least:
  • ear infection
  • high fever
  • projectile vomiting...times two

Wednesday night, G felt very hot all over and when the thermometer reading went over 101, I knew I'd be making two calls in the morning: a sick day for work (my 2nd week back) and the pediatrician. He hadn't been himself all day and had been tugging at his ear. So, Thursday morning we got a sick visit appointment. As soon as the doctor looked in his left ear it was obvious. Ear infection. By mid-afternoon, G had his first dose of antibiotics.

I figured on a rough night ahead based on his fever and the ear pain. I did not expect what happened after his dinner. He had eaten well, as usual - chicken, sweet potatoes and oatmeal with some pears to top it all off. Within ten minutes, G, the kitchen floor, counter, cabinets and I were all wearing every last bite of that meal. Projectile. Followed by scared, very unhappy screams from the boy and immediate mopping up and clothes changing action by Mama.


And in the end, I'm left wondering how I could have overlooked the memo about this fabulous initiation.


Unknown said...

lovely. i have so been there. hope g feels better soon!

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