you know your baby is a boy when...

Both my reading of parenting books and talks with other moms indicated that around the six month mark, I should expect that G would be “learning something new every day.” Sure, he’s a little sponge and it made sense that he’d pick things up at a rapid pace but figured the every day part would be an exaggeration. Wrong!

Sunday, he played a game with his Daddy. When Mr. Boom smiled, so did G. When Mr. Boom was straight-faced, so was G. Mirroring expressions, all of a sudden.

Yesterday, he got the hang of grasping and eating a vegetable rice rusk biscuit.

Then, there were the wee hours of this morning. G woke at about 3:30 wanting to nurse. I went in, changed his diaper and we sat down in the glider. As I was getting both of us adjusted, he passed gas. A millisecond later, he mimicked the sound and blew raspberries, “Plbttttt”.

Must have been a fluke, right?

A few seconds later, another round of gas followed by another, “Plbttttt”. By the third time, it was all I could do not to burst into a fit of laughter (he was till semi-drowsy and I didn’t want to risk waking him fully).

Yes, he is learning something new every. single. day. And, he is such a boy!

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Mrs E said...

aw, that's cute!!!

Jes said...

so cute! how does he like the rice rusks? i was just looking at those the other day...

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