on my {one day} wishlist right now...

I have a very well stocked Google Reader. It's bursting with blogs of creative types - photographers, craftspeople, cooks. I love to browse though the updates for inspiration, recipes and a bit of window shopping. Every once in a while a stumble across something that jumps off the screen and says "Take me home! I'm perfect for you." But, my rational self says, "Hello sister, you are saving for a larger home, you have baby clothes to buy and *ahem* you have NO room for this stuff. Maybe one day but, today is not that day."

Still window shopping is fun and putting together a list of fun, inspiring and maybe-will-be-mine-one-day things is harmless. Right? So here goes:Avid-reader mom + loaded diaper bag + very little home storage + running all over the city for work = Kindle 3 solution. In Graphite, I think. This one would actually save us storage space. So, really, it just makes good sense. Well, if I'm dreaming of the Kindle 3 it would need to be protected and a case with a light for night-time reading would be a natural extension. In Apple Green *yum* because, is there really another option? I think not.
Her name was Lola, she was a freaking gorgeous camera bag! Oh, oh, oh Epiphanie. You nailed everything a woman could want in a bag...a girlie photog's DREAM. Yes, I already have a camera bag that is fairly new but, we are talking window shopping here. And, this one doubles as a large, beautiful bag. Dual duty always makes more sense. This necklace wants to be around my neck. Perfection.
Or this necklace, this one is just perfectly fabulous too. I can't decide.
Chalkboard thought bubble by Rachel. What a super fun photo prop...oh the possibilities!
A speedlite for my beloved Canon. Because, sometimes you just need a little more light.


Unknown said...

while i'm not quite ready to give up books for a kindle, i am so with you on the camera bag. only in green, for me :)

Mom said...

Looks like a Christmas Wish List to me!!!

Jes said...

i love the monogram necklace, been wanting something similar. and that bag is OMG to die for! love that red! :)

nfaband said...

I've been thinking about a kindle, I've got so many books I've read, and will probably never read again, just sitting taking up space. Maybe I need a list too ... hmmmm, what a grand idea. Hope you get it all Jen.

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