1st halloween: g is for giraffe..

When I was 21 weeks pregnant with G, we found out that he would be a boy and had already decided on his name and that giraffes would play a role in his nursery decor. The costume was a given. The funny thing was that we found it last September, guessed on the size and hoped for the best.
Luckily, it could not have been more perfect and G did spend his very first Halloween as the cutest giraffe I've ever seen ;-) This boy will do all he can to get out of wearing a regular hat but, a giraffe hood? Bring it on. He was happy as could be all suited up.
We took him to the walking path around our local resevoir to take these photos. He was so intruigued by all of the leaves and surrounding trees that he didn't even attempt to crawl around. This may become a new favorite spot for seasonal photo shoots.

Happy Halloween all!


nfaband said...

He's just gorgeous ... and you're right, the cutest little Halloween Giraffe ever.

Nilsa said...

He's so cute! Love his costume!

Kristi said...

He is too cute!

Debbi Tehrani said...

oh. my. goodness! What a little doll! (a giraffe doll)

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