ten months of you...

My little monkey,
It's written all over your face in your ten month photo that sitting still is just not cool with you right now. Just when we think you are pausing to catch your breath after a marathon session of cruising along furniture, walls or crawling at warp speed you are up and off again, stopping only to eat and sleep. You have become incredibly curious about your world and it's workings. You explore every inch of our home, get down on your belly to look under furniture and doors and we can almost see the wheels turning in your brain as you try to figure things out.
You have started to become a better communicator. When you want something from me, you will assertively call out, "Mama!" When Daddy walks into a room or, leaves it, he hears "Dada!" You point to things that interest you and are making all kinds of pre-verbal sounds - more each day.
But, the best part of ten months? You are the happiest baby I have ever known. You smile, giggle, coo and belly laugh all day long! We are so incredibly blessed to be your parents.
At {TEN} months you:
  • love to play hide and seek. We will hide around a corner and, as you find us you break out in peals of laughter
  • are chewing through the rails on your crib. You may only have the two bottom teeth but, they are sharp and strong!
  • are a big fan of our windows. We have large windows with window sills that are the perfect height for you to rest your little arms and peer out at the world below. You spend a lot of time walking back and forth along the sills, watching the cars come in and out of our complex and particularly love the show put on by our landscapers using the leaf blowers.
  • wear mainly 12 month clothes now. The pants are still a bit long but all of your 9 month pants are highwaters...you are stuck in between, my boy. You are still wearing some of your 6 month onsies though (thank you Carter's). You are in size 3 diapers and likely will be for a while longer.
  • eat anything we put in front of you. You still take fruit and veggie purees but are also a big fan of chicken, fish, ground turkey, rice, banana, toasted cheese sandwiches, hummus on whole wheat and cooked veggies. At dinner time you eat whatever we cook. It is a pleasure to see you enjoy your meals and use that well developed pincer grasp to self-feed.
  • love music! You dance to the Toddler Tunes channel on our t.v., the music on your exersaucer and love listening to your kid's music playlist on Mama's iPhone when we are in the car.
  • have discovered the drawer of baking pans under the oven and like to drag them out and use them as vehicles to navigate the kitchen floor, or as very loud make-shift musical instruments.
  • are starting to show a bit iof separation anxiety. You don't like to see Mama or Baba leave the room and protest loudly when we do.
  • are becoming more social. You enjoy interacting with other kids on our playdates, share toys and are gentle in approaching your friends.
  • give hugs. While you are mostly on the move all.the.time. you do have some quieter moments where you will fling your little arms around the nack of whoever is holding you or, will sit quietly on a lap and cuddle.

It is so hard to believe that you are just two months from your 1st birthday and have come so far from the sweet, tiny bundle we brought home from the hospital. We are loving every little bit of your growing and changing but, stay a baby just a bit longer for us, okay?

I love you to the moon and back,



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