when shopping goes well...

Approaching the departure date for our Greek honeymoon - three weeks from today! - has created the need to shop. Summer skirts, tops, light dresses and, of course, bathing suits. I'm leaving the latter until the (very) last moment possible but, the clothing search started this week. On Thursday, a friend took me to her new favorite bargain mecca, Nordstom Rack. If you have one of these slices of retail heaven anywhere near you, run to the store and be amazed:

I saw. I shopped. I believed.

I walked out with two dresses that will pack well, keep me cool and can be dressed up or down (plum and black) and a lightweight, short-sleeved cardgian (lilac) that I may end up wearing on the plane.

On Friday night, while upstate visiting my parents, my mom and I took a run to the local Target. Apparently I had forgotten to pack appropriate shoes for the baby shower we attended on Saturday and, Target was the fastest solution and one that was open late. Found these green gems:
Then, browsed the sale racks and came up with this fabulous top (in both black and grey) - cute, flattering AND on clearance! If I end up finding it in teal, I may just grab that one, too:
Finally, this black cotton skirt that was out of stock in my home store.
Just need a bunch of lightweight tees I think I'll be all set. As for bathing suits, I have some very specific needs: underwire, no halters and not too skimpy. Feel free to send any shopping suggestions my way!


AlmostThere said...

Have you tried Old Navy? I got my suit from them this year, it's just a plain tankini. They have a bunch of options in underwire, too. Idk if they're at every store though. Victoria's Secret also has a bunch of suits, but you have to order online, and I don't know how I'd feel about that... Good Luck! I hate bathing suit shopping!!!

Aurie said...

Love the green shoes - I picked up a green pair at kohls a few days ago! Shopping for a bathing suit is my idea of a horror movie! I have 2 Chaps suits from Kohls that I really like and have held up well.

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