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I was a DIY single, a DIY bride and might as well continue on in the same tradition...

While I'm still diligently working on our wedding thank you notes, I decided to share the design process. I knew that I wanted something simple, modern-classic and personalized. With many bookmarked paper sites to choose from, I started my net search and narrowed down my favorites. Something about this design (weddingpaperdivas.com) stuck and I decided these were the perfect cards for us - except for the minor issue of cost. $112 for the quantity I would need (and that would be cutting it close). Plus, the additional complication that the size of wedding photograph we are including wouldn't fit into these small notes.

So, what's a DIY girl to do?

Imitate, of course! The most important elements of this card for me were the swirl frame and the spaced out personalization line. The font hunt was on...

As luck would have it, my blog stalking through Google Reader paid off and the iDIY site came through for me in a big way with the perfect free font linked up in one of their posts. Way more intricate than the original but, beautiful and, somehow, even better. My good old friend, PowerPoint helped me out yet again and in minutes our cards were designed.

Then, the size was increased. I printed out a couple of craft store coupons and purchased 100 blank ecru note cards (6.6"w x 5"h, after folding) for $12.00. Ahem...I believe that would be about 10% of the original card cost, correct? Perfect size for a substantial note and the photograph.

And there you have it, our wedding thank you notes: Frame flourish font: Aridi Calligraphia Flourish 2 (letter "Y")
"Thank you" font: English
Personalization font: Book Antiqua (one space between each character, two between words)


Anonymous said...

very nice - you are just so crafty :) aurie

nfaband said...

They're gorgeous Jen ... you truly created a better card than any you could have purchased.

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