PSA: 1 month from today...

I will be packing our suitcases, checking lists, checking and re-checking that we have our documents, purchasing traveler's checks and jumping up and down with excitement that we will be leaving for Greece the very next day. A few thoughts are racing though my mind as we get closer:
  • DH and I have never traveled together (more than a couple hour road trip). We do well together in the car and I'm hoping that my being a patient traveler and happy flyer extends to him as well
  • He hasn't had a real vacation in 2 years, I haven't had one in 3 years. We are long overdue
  • Need to checkout my Amazon.com order that contains my travel guide.
  • Thoughts are buzzing in my head about how fabulous this will be but, I'm also wondering if it will truly be a vacation with SO much family around and not knowing the language.
  • Looking forward to using that delicious green and teal leather document portfolio that I scored for next to nothing at ATL last fall
  • All that Easter candy and snacking has me terrified of getting in a bathing suit. Add to that just how white I am
  • Wondering how many books I should pack (I read at least one full book each way on internat'l flights). Grateful that the local library is having their annual book sale in two weeks so that I can gather a pile for pennies
  • Hoping that, unlike my trips back and forth from Israel last June, that the airplanes have decent ventilation and air conditioning
  • Daydreaming about the beach tavernas, walking among the ruins, soaking up the culture.
  • Excited to stand in the family home that I've seen in dozens of photos
  • Needing a couple more suitcases, bathing suits and a LOT of summer clothes.
  • Thrilled that I'll have three straight weeks of nothing but bare feet and flip-flops


nfaband said...

What a great list ... and such an exciting place to be off to, I'm sure the month will fly and before you know it, you'll be there. How fun for both of you!

Aurie said...

ahhh...sand, surf, family...what a wonderful time you'll have :)

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