it's an uphill climb but, i keep trekking...

About four years ago, I decided to take charge of my health and my lifestyle. I was about to be 30 and I had let my body go...badly. Uncomfortable in my clothes, unhappy with the mirror and seriously in need of a change. Enter Weight Watchers. It's a great plan. If you follow it, it works. Period. In about 9 months, I lost 50 pounds and hadn't felt better in years. I was at my goal weight for months and was thrilled. Then, I got over confident. I started introducing trigger foods back into my diet without counting anything or acknowledging that they could sabotage my good efforts.

It's not terribly bleak but, in the past year or so, I've been 10-15 pounds over my goal weight. And, more than that, just not in good shape at all and definitely not fitting in the cuter clothes in my closet. It's been gnawing at me and so, I'm making changes. Not counting points but, being much more cognizant of what I am putting in my mouth and making an effort to move more.

Even though I'm trying to stay away from a lot of artificial sweeteners, this yogurt is SO delicious - Yoplait Light Pineapple Upside Down Cake: And, this pedometer now rests in my pocket (I couldn't find the cute and oh-so-me green one in the store so picture it in blue) counting my steps each day. I'm trying for the 10,000 recommended. Yesterday, I measured my baseline and fell way short at about 3,700. Um, yeah. I didn't think I was THAT sedentary. Swift kick, meet my rear.
As part of a knottie challenge with the other Feb 2009 newlyweds, I'll be tracking and recording my steps each day. Anyone know of a web-based app to track something like this? A spreadsheet would be great but, I want to be able to access it from anywhere. Twittering my end of days numbers might be the solution until I find something better.

-----> Check out the new feature that I'm trying out on my sidebar - meal planning for the week. I'm hoping that doing this will help lessen trips to the grocery store, save money and alleviate the dreaded last minute "What am I going to cook?" panic that inevitably happens for me at about 4:45 pm each day. I welcome any and all suggestions and tips from those experienced in this practice.


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AlmostThere said...

I started weight watchers about this time last year and lost about 12 lbs in about 2 months, but then with summer and all the bbq's and picnics that come with summer, I feel of the WW bandwagon. I'm going to start up again real soon. I just did online last time, do you recommend going to the meetings instead? Do you think it's more helpful?

http://weightwatcherschangedmylife.blogspot.com/ here's a blog I found about a woman who does WW, maybe it will help you to stay motivated??

nfaband said...

First off Jen, I have to say I love your style of writing, everything just flows so naturally, I can almost hear you saying it even though we've never met in person. LOL

Secondly I have to tell you that the Yoplait Light is my favorite yogurt ... I have one each morning and my absolute favorite flavor is the "Pineapple Upsidedown Cake" with the "Apple Turnover" coming in at a close second. I need to get very serious again with my weight and watching it, I want to see the numbers go back down, especially with my BP being way way up of late.

I wish you luck on your meal planning, I should give that a try, maybe it would keep us out of the fast food places and the carry out lane at the local Chili's.

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