maybe it was an april fool's joke after all...

Remember that one about the photos being ready? I finally got the call just before 6:00 last night. Our long-awaited wedding proofs have been printed and placed in an archival box, burned to disk and put in a pretty little leather case embellished with a couple of the photogs favorite shots.

Or, at least, this is how I envision the finished product.

That sits in my photogs studio.

All. weekend. long.

Our photographer is in high demand (that's a good thing, right?) and is out shooting weddings all weekend which means, no time to meet us at the studio for the hand off. Bummed. Luckily, my office is closing at 1:00 pm on Wednesday so...guess where I'm headed as soon as the (proverbial) whistle blows???

Meanwhile, I am perfectly content having a super-lazy-do-whatever-we-want-or-nothing-at-all day with my darling husband! So far that has consisted of Wii MarioKart, a grocery trip, lunch at a local Greek restaurant, reading books and magazines and watching movies on t.v. Not a bad Saturday at all!

And finally, a share...one of the layouts that I completed at my scrapbook event last weekend:


nfaband said...

Oh Jen ... I hope you get your proofs soon ... how exciting. Love that page and that pic ... can't wait to see more.

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