where did THAT come from?

I'm a fan of television in general. Particularly, wedding shows right now (go figure) but during the regular season I'm addicted to Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Lipstick Jungle, Chuck, Law and Order: SVU and a few others. When I moved into FI's house in June, we counted the televisions and just shook our heads. FOUR sets for TWO people. A 27", a 25" and two 13". Seriously a disgrace. We have one in the living area (open floor plan living/kitchen/dining), another in the bedroom, a third in the office and the last in the garage. All plugged in and functional.

On Saturday, FI called me me from work and had me write "Sunday 11:00 am West" on the fridge memo board, telling me he had to pick up a surprise and that I could not ask questions. Umm...okay? Later, he tells me that he will be picking up a pre-wedding gift and that he was asked not to tell me who it was from just yet. Fine. So, Sunday he went out to run his errand and came home with this: A 42" LCD HD-TV. Yes, shamefully, we now own FIVE televisions. Seriously. Conspicuous consumption is alive and well in the MrB and SoonToBeMrsB household!!! A lovely and unbelievably generous gift and one that will have at least one old set sitting out at the yard sale next weekend. FI was finally able to reveal the gift-giver last night - a long-time, close friend of the family who will be unable to make the wedding and wanted us to have the gift now.

Now, how exactly does one go about writing a thank you note for something of this magnitude?


Monica and the team said...

wow great tv ! I am laughing as we just had this conversation top - we have 6 tvs - that seem to all be on at the same time!- always! Enjoy your tv!

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