and today marks...

Just six short months left until our wedding! Every time we reach another milestone in the planning time frame I have an overwhelming flood of conflicting emotions - joy and panic. Joy wins today.
A few minutes ago, I sat down with my planner to write in holidays and such that are coming up through the end of the year and...SCORE!!! I have a LOT of time off during September and October. Days where I can concentrate fully on DIY projects and all things wedding related. At least, that's the plan. My office is closed for holidays or, I am taking vacation on:
  • September 1 - holiday
  • September 12 - vacation for florist appts and shopping with my mom for her dress
  • September 30 - holiday
  • October 1 - holiday
  • October 9 - holiday
  • October 14 - holiday
  • October 30 - vacation for engagement photos!

Now, I just need to really organize my thoughts (and supplies) about each of my DIY projects, schedule them out and make a plan. And, maybe, use one of those days to shop for BP gifts and Christmas gifts at the same time.

On another note entirely...I may have mentioned earlier that I have a cat. I adopted him 11 years ago as an adult rescue and, until I moved in with FI, he was my only roommate for all this time. My poor boy has not handled this move well at all. He's not acting like himself, is not using his litter consistently and doesn't seem to be bathing himself as well. He is an elderly cat but, these are not good signs. So, I'm taking him to the vet this afternoon and just hoping they have an easy solution for us.


Meg said...

Jen, I hope Hemingway is ok!!! Poor little fella, I know changes of scenery or staying in a new place can be rough on pets. I hope the vet is able to clue you in on what the problem (if any) may be!!! UPdate and let us know how it goes!! YAY for us for 6 months!!! =)

Monica and the team said...

Yay 6 more months! How exciting the time is going to fly! Hope hemminway gets a good bill of health from the vet and the vet has some good pointers!

Meagan said...

Jen - good luck for your cat!!
Congrats on 6 months left, yahoo!

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