so much closer, so very excited...

This weekend has been a whirlwind of all things wedding - from start to finish. FI and I ended up getting a lot accomplished and, though we didn't think it was possible, are even more excited about our wedding.

1. On Saturday, we met with our amazing photographer. Each time we speak with him it is so clear why we chose his company - we get along so well and he immediately puts us at ease. And, of course, his work is stunning! During our meeting, we booked our engagement session for late October and decided on the locations: starting in Central Park, the steps of the Met, Grand Central Station, the Brooklyn Bridge and ending up in DUMBO. He shared some photos from a recent engagement session and we were just amazed at the emotional in the pictures...can't wait for ours!

2. Another visit to our venue. It was to be a quick trip to drop off another payment but, then we were told that due to another smaller booking of an event (a bar mitzvah that starts an hour after our reception begins) on our wedding day, they bumped us up into the larger, gorgeous Grand Ballroom. Check it out...

Our Sweetheart table will be set-up directly in front of the huge arched window. No photo can do this room justice. The entire wall of windows overlooks the water and will be lit up during the cocktail hour by the sun setting over the water. We were lucky enough see it set-up for a wedding of approximately our size and it really looked wonderful. Also made up my mind on a few DIY things - I will definitely be making my own place cards and table numbers (I do not like the venue defaults).

3. Saturday night was dinner with Jess, my best friend from college. I asked her to be a bridesmaid, working it in to part of her birthday gift and she said "yes!" My bridal party is now complete...let the dress shopping begin!

4. Sunday morning - We got to Macy's just after opening to set-up our registry (our first is at BB&B). I started a collection of Fiestaware several years ago and love it so, we registered for more. Also, some bakeware and picture frames. Macy's gives a nice registry incentive of a red Victorinox bag which made hauling all of the wedding mags out of the mall a lot easier! 5. We decided on our centerpieces!!! We knew we wanted something low and with candles for a romantic glow - perfect for a nighttime reception in February in New York. After shopping around for a while and using a table display to try out different combinations, we hit on one that we loved and jumped on the main components - vases, silver leafed chargers and clear and ice blue glass pieces - enough for 18 tables. We also picked up a couple packages of crystals to scatter on the chargers to refract the light. We'll pick up more over the next couple of months, after deciding how many we'll need. A little later in the year I'll order the pillar and votive candles and votive holders and we'll be set! MAJOR CHECK!!!!

Whew...I am tired, excited, optimistic and so relieved to have gotten so much done in just a few hours.


Meagan said...

I can't believe what a busy bee you were this weekend. The picture of the venue looks a-mazing! Like, seriously gorgeous.

Monica and the team said...

the venue rocks ! your post exhausted me! Hope you are taking some me and we time :D

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

Jen, I'm a Feb. 28th bride and am doing Fiestaware too!

Is green one of your colors for the dishes? Ours are the yellow (sunflower), the green, and the blue.

Out of curiosity, did you register for any other china? We are just going to do Fiestaware for special occasions and Wal-Mart stuff for everyday.

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