and we're off...

See that? Right there in the pic? Yup, exactly 200 days left until our wedding. Seems like this time is going by very quickly. I feel like we have accomplished a lot of planing in a short amount of time. And then, I look at my to-do list:
  • Book Limo
  • Book florist/choose flowers
  • Ask (1) more bridesmaid (cutting it close, I know!)
  • Shop with BP for their dresses (MOH done)
  • Find RD Dress
  • Book RD (September - FMIL will do)
  • Finalize church/reception times (September)
  • Order invites (October)
  • Reserve hotel blocks (this month)
  • Centerpieces
  • Paint table runners (have fabric)
  • Make favors (January)
  • Book E-pics (for October)
  • Book Boudoir pics (?)
  • Shoes/Undergarments/Jewelry
  • Gifts for BP and parents
  • Photo guest book (after E-pics)
  • Music for ceremony
  • Choose cake design
  • Final tasting/choose menu (November)
  • Book plane tickets for honeymoon
  • Order sash for dress (already chose style)
  • Find buttons for dress (to add to zipper placket - this week)
  • Alterations
  • Table numbers (after E-pics)
  • Photo sharing cards
  • Place cards/Escort cards
  • Menus (after final tasting)
  • Make pomanders for flower girl(s)
  • Order wedding bands
  • Groom and BP tuxes

Deep breaths. I just have to keep reminding myself to take lots of deep breaths! I have an ambitious plan for getting a lot of the DIY projects started in the coming month. I know it will all come together in the end and, some of the list is just details. Still... Any tips to help make this easier would be welcome!


Monica and the team said...

wow ! it will be here before you know it ! SOunds like you will be super busy7 over the next few months.... hope you stop on occassion and enjoy the chaos!

Lynn said...

whew. wore me out w/the list. kinda makes eloping look good - eh?? rofl!!! those dresses are beautiful as your wedding w/be. try not to stress and relax and enjoy it.

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