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And, here it is! FI and I went through dozens of ampersand designs until we found one we liked for our monogram, several revisions to get the design of the card down and then order the magnets. In the end, this was the final result that was mailed out to family and friends a few weeks ago:
Every time we visit someone on our guest list, the first thing we do is check the fridge to see if the magnet is up! We just can't help being excited about seeing our plans in motion.

So, where else will we use the monogram? A few places:
  • programs
  • runners for the cake and sweetheart tables
  • menus
  • favor boxes

The only difference will be changing the "&" to a "B" for the runners, favors and menus. We chose not to use our married last initial until we are officially married so, the programs will have the design as shown above. As for the use, three or four key places seem right to me. We don't want to over-do it but, I think it will add a nice personal touch. None of the weddings I have been to have used a monogram design so, I'm hoping it will stand out a bit with our crowd.

Also, I have a small CHECK from yesterday. Remember this post? Well, horchow.com e-mailed me a 20% off coupon yesterday so, I went online right away and ordered my "B" embosser for the Wish Jar cards. With the coupon it came in under $30, including shipping and should be here by early October. Score! Want one of your own? The sale was extended through today - Code: ONEDAY20


Monica and the team said...

those save the date magnets are so cute ! great idea !

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