Check, check, nearly a check...

I've been away with family for the last few days and was able to make some wedding related progress with the help of my mom and sister (MOH).

Check #1: I found my veil! Originally my mom was going to make one but, her job is taking her out of town more and more so, I decided to take the pressure off her by trying some already made veils. I found one that we all loved that had a light scatter of square Swarovski crystals (my headband is made of Swarovski squares and cubes). Since my gown has no embellishments, I liked that the veil had a little sparkle. Today, my mom came home from work and surprised me with an order receipt for the veil - she had gone after work to purchase it for me....thank you, Mom! Here is a photo:

Check #2: I had been a little concerned that the back of my gown is just a lot of white, with no detail. I talked it through with my sister and we came up with a great plan - to add covered buttons to the zipper placket and a wide sash that will knot at the small of my back (with a brooch), the ends trailing down the back to the hemline. I ended up finding the exact sash I need online for only $35. It will be cut in half and each half then sewn into the side seams of the dress, so the front details (gathered bodice) will be unaffected. Thank goodness for brainstorming! I am even more thrilled with my dress with this addition!!!

Nearly a check: We went to the bridal shop on Monday so that my sister could start looking for a dress. Since she is the MOH, I wanted her to have first choice of dress style. Whichever style she chooses will be taken out of the running for the rest of my bridal party. She found one she loves, and another today at a different shop. I'll be thrilled with either and am happy she loves both and would be able to wear them again (she attends black-tie functions for her line of work).


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