{nearly} wordless wednesday: quad vision...

That crazy looking bag of plastic heads is not leftover from Halloween. Part of my new job required me to become a CPR/AED/First Aid instructor and that is what the Actar manikins look like disassembled. A little freaky, no? Try being the one snapping together heads and torsos and then tearing them back apart a few hours later. Just weird.

This CPR stuff is exhausting. Teaching chest compressions to novices over and over? Taxing on the body. Add that to a night of almost no sleep because some little person decided to wake-up eleventy-billion times and you have one tired Mama.


AurieGood said...

I'm sorry that G has been up again. If it helps...Sophie, Bella & Ken are all sick so I've had some sleepless nights too!! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Mom said...

My poor baby - is he ever going to sleep through? More teeth on the way??

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