maybe there is a resemblance after all...

G is a miniature version of his dad, right down to that oh-so-cute dimple on his right cheek. Whenever we are out as a family, people stop us just to comment on the striking resemblance between father and son. They look at me and say, "Well, maybe he got your eyes? Maybe." He may not have gotten much, if any, of my appearance but he did inherit a couple of other things.

From an impossibly young stage, he took to raising one eyebrow in expression. Classic mom.

Then, there is his love of books.

I've been reading to G every day since we arrived home from the hospital after his birth and there is no denying that he is an early bookworm. The past month or so, he has been determined to teach himself how to flip though his board bocks page by page and about a week ago, he got the hang of it (mainly he'll get them right side up...ha). He'll flip to his favorite pages in his favorite books, hold them up to one of us and grunt for us to read to him. You've got it, buddy!
And something else he learned this past week? Clapping! He knows the word "clap" in both Greek and English and will clap if we ask him to or along with us. Love it! 10 and a half months is SO much fun.


AurieGood said...

seriously too cute! can't wait to see you both next week :)

Sara said...

Aww... Ollie got that book as a shower present... it's one of his favorites too!

As always, G is too adorable.

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