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We're all aware that it's a tough economy and that the frenzy of Christmas shopping and excess may not be as possible as in years past. Even knowing that the true meaning of Christmas is not in how many gifts one can give or amass, it's easy to get caught up in the slick advertising, the enticing sales, the "please, Mom?" and go a bit overboard.

Early bird sales can help, internet shopping linked with free shipping deals, shopping early. All good strategies. Lately, I've been seeing some really great sales and offers in unconventional places. Groupon is one of those spots. It's a site with a daily deal per city (although you don't need to live in that specific city to take advantage) for goods or services at, many times, incredible prices.

I took advantage of one for the first time today and, if you are thinking about custom photo albums as holiday gifts you might want to take a look:

$100 worth of Picaboo albums for $35!
If you buy the deal, it's good for one year and can even be applied toward shipping and handling. Enjoy :-)

I have no affiliation with Groupon or Picaboo, just thought it was too good of a deal not to pass along.


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