About two months ago I signed up for a Facebook account, mainly so that it would be easier to keep in touch with my cousins who are of all ages and scattered across the country and the globe. Stumbling though it for the first month or so until I figured things out, the experience has been, well, lackluster. I didn't really see what all the rage was. Yes, it was interesting to have old friends from college and high school getting in touch after many years. Mainly though, it was just one more web page to monitor and keep up to date.

Then, my fiance joined.

Suddenly, facebook has a whole new meaning.

Last night, we were in separate rooms on our own computers and we were talking....through Facebook. Clearly, there is something very wrong with this. LOL!


Meagan said...

Haha that is excellent. In college, my roommate and I used to IM each other....we could reach out our arms and touch, but we were talking over the computer!

I love Facebook. I just got a random message from a girl who went to my high school for a year, from Germany. Ah, social networking websites...

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