printer verdict is in...

I've put our new printer though it's paces in the past two days printing out over 100 monograms for our program covers...gorgeous! I decided to use heavy, textured cardstock and the machine not only took it without hesitation but, it printed beautifully! So happy with our choice. Once I get some of the covers assembled, I'll post a pic.

On Thursday night, FI and I had our second appointment with the priest at our church. I went with a full notebook page of questions regarding the ceremony time, service, rehearsal, my conversion, flowers...you name it! Father Nick was very patient and sweet as he walked us through everything. And, by walking us through, I do mean that he took us down the aisle and up to the altar, explaining what the service will be like. It was a surreal and exciting feeling standing next to FI in front of the priest and the sanctuary. Brought everything into much sharper focus and feeling closer than ever. I can't wait to marry this man!

Today, we were talking about our wedding to-do list and the fact that we can now order invitations, since we have the ceremony time. Fabulous. I had chosen invites months ago and showed them to FI again to make sure we were on the same page. Um, not so much. He thought they were okay. We are putting way too much money and effort into this to do something that is just "okay." So, we spent a good chunk of this afternoon at the stationer looking through invitation books. And we actually found one that we both really like. Much more traditional than my first choice and, this one will actually use one of our colors - the type and envelope linings will match our blue. The border is a pearlized damask.

And, as of tonight, I am finished with the type for the interior of our programs! Because I am not yet familiar with the breadth of the ceremony it took quite some time. FI sweetly offered to help type but, I finished the job since it was also helping me learn. Just want to add flourishes above and below our names on the first page and copy in directions from the church to the reception for the last page and I'll be able to check off one more thing...very, very early!

Add one more thing to the to-do list - an aisle runner! I didn't think we'd need one since the aisle of our church is fairly short but, our priest was pretty clear that we should. Of course, it will need a handpainted monogram, don't they all? One more DIY project! Now, off to search for a good deal. ***Update: I found a runner online, found a 50% off coupn and a reduced shipping offer...score! Should be here by the end of the week!


Lynn said...

dang. what a lot of work but no doubt it'll be beautiful. i know you can't wait til its here.

nfaband said...

Oh Jen ... it sounds like you will have an absolutely stunning day. You truly are right on top of things which will make the actual day so much more enjoyable. The new invites are very pretty. I'm so excited for you!

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