closer and closer...

When I logged onto my computer Sunday and checked my blog, I found this...


In the back of my mind I knew it was coming up but, seeing it gave me a jolt - of excitement, joy and (I can't lie) a bit of panic. Two days later, the countdown clock read 150 days left. Holy cow! Ultimately, I think we're in a very good spot. Our major vendors are all booked and most are more than 1/2 paid for, we have made all of our decor decisions and have purchased nearly everything we need. Just lots of little details left. So, why then did I wake up at 3:00 this morning obsessed about the details of the ceremony programs? I never did fall back asleep *sigh* this might be a lonnnnng day!

My sister (MOH) has told me that she and my bridesmaids scheduled my shower date for January 17th. Although a couple of my girls were disappointed that it would not be a surprise, my sister knew that I would want to know the date (I'm not a big fan of being surprised by a large group of people) - thanks, sis! All I know of the details is that it will take place at one of my favorite restaurants. I'm sure it will be fun but, mostly I'm just looking forward to spending the weekend with my sister who will be flying in for the weekend!

So, what else is new? Two of my bridesmaids chose their dresses:

They both look terrific and are comfortable. Just reaffirms my decision let let them all choose their own styles. And, a little addition to my attire - my mom bought this Bride hoodie for me when she was visiting a couple of weeks ago. I plan to wear it as I am getting ready the morning of the wedding. I know it's a frivolous thing but, I'm only planning on doing this once so, why not?


Meagan said...

Jen - Even if it isn't something "necessary" that hoodie is adorable! Looove it! I'm glad things are going along smoothly for you and you're getting everything paid for along the way. Can't wait till planning is done!

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

My girls picked their own dresses too, that is definitely the way to go. Oh, I am so jealous of you for having all your vendors 1/2 paid...mine here are mostly 1/3 paid, with the next third due in January and the final third due the week of the wedding. Good for you! :)

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