project life: week 3

Tuesdays are my Project Life day. While I usually edit most of my photos, print some and do some journaling during the week, Tuesday is my day to bring it all together. You may notice that this week looks a bit skimpy on the handwritten journaling. It isn't. I just chose to use some of my Citrus Twist PL kit goodies and to have hidden notes/pull-outs. Still there, just tucked away ;-)

{January  14 - 20}
A snowy day, comfort food, and hilarious things the boys say inside the bi-fold journaling card. The weekly card was made in PSE with the Seafoam digital kit and a digital freebie (the arrow)
 Mr. Boom's work week, the boys at play, hilarity with the computer camera while I grocery shopped and left the three guys alone and pull-out journaling in that awesome kraft polka dot bag from my CT kit (I want 100 more!)
There is an insert with 6 of my favorite Instagram photos from the week and I am in one of those. Still making the effort to get my self in the pictures and leave evidence I was there. Committed to doing that!
After my organization post last week, Jac asked how I have my "regular" scrapbooking supplies organized. The answer is: they aren't, not really. Since I am only doing PL right now my other supplies are packed away. I have some on the shelves in the boys' closet (paper holders mainly) and the rest is packed away in my in-laws' basement until they one day have their own home. In the past two years I have donated a lot of my supplies and was fairly ruthless about what I kept. There is still more than enough. 

Once I have a dedicated space I'll re-assess. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Life and the thought of doing traditional layouts isn't even appealing at the moment. So, if I decide at some point that this is the only system I'll ever use, the Girl Scouts will be getting a massive donation.


Lynn Murphy said...

oooo I love your PL however, I'd hold off making BIG decisions. Boys grow, things change. I sold all my sissix dies because they were collecting dust and i so regret that now.

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