goodbye 2012, hello brand new year!

2012 was very good to us. A beautiful new baby, celebrating three years of marriage, career advancement for Mr. Boom and being able to realize my dream of becoming a stay at home mom. We fondly bid farewell to the year and welcomed in 2013 with hope that, it too, will hold fantastic times for our family.

I left off my last Project life post with two weeks to go in last years album so, will share my final layouts now...

{December 17 - 23)
Baking cookies, photo ornaments, the true meaning of Christmas and a little pirate...
 Our nativity set arrives, we celebrated Christmas with my cousin and her family, made a gingerbread house and discovered Jack's new favorite play space:
 {December 24 - 31}
G's birthday (he has his own insert) and everything Christmas. The bottom two photos on this page are of the boys with their Santa gifts.
 G's THIRD birthday insert (back not shown):
 Even more Christmas insert (back not shown):
 More of our week of celebration...
I'll be very honest that I never finished an opening page for 2012 and am still working on the closing page. I'm not worried about either of these. The important stuff is in the middle
As for the rest of my 2012 PL album? There are a few things left to print. Photos from February (journaling is all done) and one week in the beginning of September that needs finishing with a LOT of photos. I'll get there. But, I'm not stressing it at all. Instead, I have moved on to a brand new year with new photos, memories and documentation. Bring it on!


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