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Yes, a third blog post in one week. No one faint. I'm going to try and connect a bit better this year. 

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I reorganized my Project Life supplies at the beginning of the month. Over the last year, I figured out what I like best as "extras" in my album. Mainly, they are things that still keep the process simple but, help fulfill my need to create beyond the core kit. So the things that I no longer used? Purged. Gone. One of my themes for this year is simplify. If I'm not using it, it doesn't have a place here. Tossing the old allowed me to fit all of the supplies I use (other than my album and core kit) in ONE Expedit cube/bin. One bin that I can easily pull out and bring to the dining table during my scheduled Tuesday PL time or in the evenings. My supplies this year are simplified:
Putting it all together in the way that helps me work efficiently, I found three boxes at Target from the Rubbermaid Bento line. Two medium, one small. Better yet, I had some Christmas money to use and they were on sale. Score! I love that they have straight sides (a must, no wasted space due to tapering) and little pull out corner boxes that you can use, or not, to make the boxes even more organized. Hint: the little 3x4" PL card boxes are a perfect fit in the pull out corners. Here's what's inside...

Box 1: In the front left are the pieces of the January Citrus Twist kit, the cards, extras, straight back to the first 6x 6 pad (also part of the kit). Several 6x6 paper pads, 3x4 PL box of assorted journaling cards, my pens, pencil, scissors and journaling ruler. Wood mount stamps on top of my black ink pads. And, in the back right corner, my Tiny Attacher and extra staples, eraser, a few mists and photo splits

 Box 2 (small): Assorted tags and cut-outs from Elle's Studio, glassine envelopes for holding ephemera, little labels and some smaller sticker sheets

Box 3: In the front left corner are 3x4 journaling cards and the coordinating Bazzill pack that went with the Cobalt kit (sad these aren't being offered any longer) and my favorite, much used Martha Stewart file folder labels (looooove these). Behind these are various sticker and label sheets and my larger packs of clear stamps (yes, in the original packaging because I haven't found anything better...yet). On the right are my roller stamps, most used washi tape and single unmounted stamps with my acrylic stamp block. The empty space in the middle? I'll use that week to week for ephemera that I want to include in the album.

 That's all.
Three little boxes + core kit + trimmer + adhesive + album.
My Project Life 2013.

Feel free to ask any questions about my organization, process or products and I'll do my best to answer individually or in a follow up post. Thanks for stopping by!


aurie good said...

Awesome organization :) Love all the little pieces you use to make it special.

Jac said...

Thanks for sharing this post! Perfect timing, since I am working on simplifying my process and clearing out the clutter.

My biggest debate is what to do with all of my "traditional" scrapping supplies. I see myself using the PL method going forward...and even using it to "catch up". However, I have TONS of supplies (paper, embellishments, tools, etc) that I am not using for PL. If I ever go back to traditional scrapping, I know these items will get used...but I know that could be some time down the road. Would you mind sharing what approach you have used in deciding what non-PL supplies to keep?

Lynn Murphy said...

Awesome organizing - come down and do my area lol!! I keep rearranging. I purged awhile ago and believe I may need to do it again. Can't wait to see your creations.

michelle said...

I desperately need to get more organized now that I have decided to embellish more. Right now, everything is just thrown in a bag. And I seem to have misplaced my circle punch now.

StakiMama said...

loved looking through your supplies!

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