hello 2013 project life!

So nice to welcome this year with a fresh binder, new and waiting for the memories to jump in. And a new kit. I waited on this post for one very important part of this year's process...Seafoam.

My core kit finally, after waiting forever arrived last night! I ended up splitting the kit in half with a friend of mine. Although I second guessed the decision when I first opened the box (oooooo!! pretty!) but, I know myself. I still have over half of the Cobalt cards remaining from last year after doing so many hybrid pieces. I don't need a whole kit. So, I counted out and packaged up half to ship out today. Another reason for the split is that my generous and amazing husband gifted me a subscription to the Citrus Twist PL monthly kit. With the core kit plus a monthly kit brimming with supplies, I'll have plenty to work with this year.

To start the new year, I completely reorganized all of my Project Life supplies and purged anything that was repetitive or no longer useful. Streamlined into three bins that fit nicely in one Expedit cubby along with my trimmer and tape gun. I'll post on that soon but, for now, here are my first two weeks of 2013 - completed.

I learned so much about the way I work on this project and how to stay current over the past year: printing at home, working on it bit by bit through the week when I have a minute or two and scheduling dedicated time each week. Sticking with what works seems like a good plan...

{January 1 - 6}
I didn't have my paper Seafoam kit the first week and didn't want to fall behind so, I used the digital version of the kit. Love having the flexibility! Starting off with a Greek New Year celebration, family goals for the year, cost of living current to the week, YiaYia's birthday and G's three year well visit stats
 New bedroom furniture, getting back into a routine after the holidays and life with boys
 {January 7 - 13}
Jack turned 11 months (eek!) and was NOT cooperative for his photo, he also climbed a ladder (by himself!), play dates, a lunch staple, and bits of our week. That "hello" cut on the first 3x4 card? One of the awesome new metal dies just introduced by The Crafter's Workshop!
 Getting outside, preschool open house for G and learning to use scissors. There is an insert for this week but, it's all photos so, I refrained from sharing.

Are you doing Project Life this year? I'd love to see!


aurie good said...

Love the pics {as always!} and working up my courage :)

Maya Oren-Dahan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your pages! Especially the title card with the sequins. I also like that you included the current prices and your "staple" card.

Lynn Murphy said...

Wowzers. I love your project life and your style just rocks it.

Sheena said...

Love it! I really like the idea to use a title card for a baby update. I do monthly updates for my little one too...good way to present it!

momruncraft said...

Your boys are adorable!! Love your pages, looking forward to seeing more.

Sandy said...

Great pages and you have some great ideas! :)

Michelle said...

Going thru Michelle's blog hop and found you. I love your documentation! I try to track the everyday, but I have found things in your layouts that I would also like to keep a more detailed listing of.Love your Project Life, thank you, I will be back!

alida.post said...

Hi there, glad I found you on Pinterest. Love your photographic eye, and can identify with your life with boys. Great pages!

allthingsgray said...

I just started Project Life. I have been doing it digitally.

I shared here:

Although your pages are so beautiful, they make me crave paper!

rachel del grosso said...

i am doing my first ever project life album, you can find it on my blog at www.heraura.com !

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