june goals...

Vacation is over.
I'm back to work.
The babe is back in his normal good health.
Summer is almost here.
It's time to get organized.
We have so much going on in our home life right now, including working toward getting our condo on the market and finding a new home (more on that later).  Running our household well is one of my priorities so, I am opting in for the 3in30 challenge this month to help me through the early days of summer. 

1)  Project Life: This is not a new goal but, it is one that is very important to keep at the forefront so that I will stay focused.  Since we were away for half of May and so much happened on vacation while I had no access to my supplies, my goal for June is to finish journaling for May and to add photos as soon as possible (once I get get them off of our external and uploaded to Shutterfly). At the same time, i will be working to keep current for June with real time journaling.

2) Clean our bedroom: It's bad.  Though our new closet organizer is a big help and my mother-in-law helped me do even more one day last week after our return home, our bedroom in it's current state is not a restful place.  I have tackled a few areas here and there but, it's time to do more.  So the goal is to get our room cleaned and organized enough that I feel good opening the door at the end of the day.

3) Meal Planning: When I was actively meal planning a couple of months back, dinnertime was far less stressful and grocery shopping much more focused and organized.  I need to get back to that.  I was lucky enough to win a year long print membership from ListPlanIt.com during 3in30's April twitter party (thank you!!!) and will be using their tools to help guide me this month. 

I'll check back in with my progress mid-month and at the end of June.  Looking to set some goals of your own?  Take the 3in30 challenge with me HERE.


Aurie said...

Awesome goals :) I'm with you on the menu planning- especially in this heat!

Jennifer said...

I should really start meal planning.

Lynn said...

good luck jen!! i wanna redo our bedroom. its just soooooooo blah!!

nfaband said...

Wow ... three awesome goals. I am so in need of a restful place to lay my head at the end of the day, but we don't have it right now either. Trying to clear out half of the junk that has somehow accumulated in our home over the last 11 years, I truly never realized it was this much. So ... though I don't have a 3 in 30 list, I am pushing myself to do one big thing each day in hopes of finding our house again so we can successfully market it and get it sold.

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