tuesday randoms...

* Greece was fabulous.  Oh, I mentioned that already? Well, it was!

* The process of traveling home from Greece?  Not so fabulous.  We were up at 5:30 am to get ready, toss last minute things in suitcases, get G breakfast and close up our house.  By 8:45 am we had arrived at the airport - right on schedule to check in for our 12 noon flight.  The only problem? Our flight was delayed and had been pushed back 4.5 hours to 4:30 pm.  Seven and a half hours. In an airport.  With a toddler. We were a bit panicked but, G was amazing.  We could not have asked for a better traveler.  He people watched, ate, ran around a bit, napped and played for a few hours in the incredible playroom at the airport run by Greek NGO The Smile of the Child.  If I ever win the big lottery, I will give back to this organization and open more in airports around the US.  What a blessing it was to have a safe, clean, entertaining place for G to play during the long wait. We waited (and waited, and waited) until it was time to board. G settled in to the plane, played with toys, ate a few snacks then fell asleep for almost the entire flight.  Rock star baby traveler. Seriously.

* After downloading two of three memory cards to our home computer, following our return from Greece, I diligently started editing, then...disaster.  Our laptop was infected with a trojan virus that started hiding all of our files and wouldn't allow us to use the computer.  Mr. Boom was able to rescue all of the photos and move them to our external drive but, the computer is not useable quite yet.  Hence the lack of blogging. 
* Smiling boy on our early morning walk last Friday.  With the scorching hot forecast, I got him out early for some playtime at the park.  I got some shots that I just love but, can't share them because, well, see above.

* On Saturday night, G woke up in the middle of the night.  When I checked on him, I found that he was burning with fever.  104.4 to be exact.  We got him in a cool bath immediately and called our pediatric nurse line for support and guidance.  A trip to the doctor Sunday morning gave us a diagnosis of the Coxackie virus.  Poor little guy slept on me most of Sunday, felt a bit better yesterday and, thankfully, seems to be back to himself today.
* Getting some fresh air before the heat set in on Memorial Day Monday, we walked past our local grocery to find it in full bloom with new cafe tables set along the sidewalk.  All those flowers = happiness.


Aurie said...

Great re-cap! I can't imagine what our girls would do stuck in an airport for that long. Sophie would probably be watching the planes, but Bella? Whew. Glad G was such an awesome traveler!!

So sorry about the virus - happy that he's bouncing back so quickly :)

Lynn said...

Love the travelogue. Can't wait to see more. basic bummer on the virus and kudos to the man for recovery. Hope G-man is feeling better.

KimBerly said...

Sorry about the virus. That happened to my computer a few months ago about a week after I backed up all my photos. Lucky me.

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