greece: proof positive...

Lest anyone wonder if our vacation actually happened, I managed to borrow a computer in order to share a few photos of the last two days of our trip off of the third and final memory card.  While the best of the photos and stories will need to wait a bit longer, this is a good mini-snapshot...

G loving "our beach" and the billions of pebbles.  We call this our beach as it is the closest to our house, about a three block walk. See the little brown dots in the surf (click photo to enlarge)?  We are calling that The Great Jellyfish Invasion of 2011.  Not stingers but, annoyingly slippery slimy little guys.  By the end of the trip, we decided to just ignore them and have our fill of the beach regardless:
Our house, looking up from Mr. Boom's grandmother's patio.  The glass doors open to the living room (left) and dining room (right). This main veranda was G's favorite playspace.  Though it doesn't look deep at this angle, it is a large expanse that is basically an outdoor room off the living area that then wraps around the dining room and kitchen:
Dinner out at a pig roast restaurant - traditional Greek country salad, saganaki (fried cheese), potatoes (order "potatoes" in Greece and you'll get what we call fries) and, of course, the roast pork:
G checking out the pig illustrations on the package of wet naps after dinner:
View from one end of our house to the other on the verandas (from the end of the master bedroom in the back of the house, down to the dining area in the front) .  G loved running up and down the length, running his hand along the rails:
Three generations - Yia Yia (grandma), Mr. Boom and George:
Mousmoula!  G ate dozens of these during our trip, right off the tree.  After some research by Mr. Boom, we believe here they are known as loquats. This particular tree overhangs the veranda of the master bedroom:
G spending time with his cousin Katarina. Look at that face!!!
The view from the master bedroom veranda. The forefront is a lemon and orange grove:


Aurie said...

Wonderful photos - the area is just beautiful! I can tell that G had a blast :)

Jennifer said...

Looks beautiful. I love the one of G on the beach. :)

Lynn said...

Beautiful!!! What an awesome place and so glad you guys had a great time. Priceless pix!!

Lisa said...

Just lovely! What a great trip for you all. :-)

nfaband said...

Greece is on the top of my "must go there before I die" list ... maybe someday you'll give me some hints on places to see there and places to avoid. Love those pictures, can't wait to see them all scrapped.

Sara said...

So gorgeous. I'm so glad you guys were able to make it happen and that you had so much fun! :)

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