this is what summer looks like...

the park. playing with his reflection in the run-off from the local splash park:
family walks around town in the still warm evenings:
oh look, another park. the day our not quite 18 month old climbed a ladder. by himself. um, yeah:
visits with family. g and my mom two weeks ago:
lots and lots of running and laughter:
feeling the need, the need for speed (don't worry, mr. boom was right next to him, just out of the frame):
it's a good start to this first toddler summer.  we are thankful for the many parks in town and the ability to walk just a few blocks in either direction to find good, clean (or dirty, in the case of the mulch parks) fun.  we have plans to see family, take a couple of weekend trips, spend time with friends and try to soak up every moment with our happy boy as he discovers everything in his world.

(as always, click on any of the photos to enlarge)


Mom said...

Love the pictures! The joy in that little guy...unbelievable and wonderful!!!
Love you all, Mom

Jennifer said...

Love these photos! G is adorable! Love that reflection pic.

Aurie said...

Can I just tell you how much I'd love to hug that little man right now??!

Lynn said...

Fun fun photos andain't it great he can run it off in the park. and climbing. yikes!!!!

KimBerly said...

Great pictures. He is seriously too cute!

nfaband said...

Such sweet moments and wonderful photos to capture them ... so happy your summer is off to a great start. May your summer be filled with happy, smiling times with your little guy and hubs.

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