what i've come to realize: scrappy edition

Pretty doesn't matter.

My child will not care if the scrapbook layouts I create are contest winners, worthy of being published in a magazine, compiled over hours or days or liked by other crafters. Someday, he will look at them and say, "Thanks Mom, I was wondering what I was like back then and, now I know." He will know through the photos, matched with the anecdotes, dates and places that I sat down to record.

He will know that he is loved.
That his life is worthy of being documented.
That he matters.
That a family history matters.

The pages in his books will tell him so.


Aurie said...

love them - especially the basket head! It's wonderful that you were able to scrap a bit!

Aurie said...
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Mrs E said...

so true!!
so true!

but regardless of how fast or slow you create them, they're made with LOVE LOVE LOVE and he knows that! or he will!

Lynn said...

that's what its all about jen!!! and may i say its very freeing!! can't wait to see more!

KimBerly said...

TRUE! I love the pages. I wish I like scrap booking. I always love seeing the finished product. My problem is every that you have to do to create the finished product.

nfaband said...

Gosh, I know how happy I am when I see one of your scrapbook pages Jen, so your little guy will be totally thrilled, as will his family someday. He's such a doll.

Nilsa said...

Such cute layouts! Certainly beautiful memories to last a lifetime for your little boy!

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