it starts with a goal...

Always inspired by my cousin and her success at this project in January, I decided to give 3 in 30 a try for myself.  It's a simple concept.  Instead of setting lofty and complicated resolutions, choose three manageable goals at the beginning of each month and work toward finishing them in 30 days.  Or, a mere 28 days this month ;)
Three goals in a month?  I can do that.  Narrowing down the list of what I feel needs to be accomplished might be the toughest task.  So, I'm just mentally pointing to three.  Forget dwelling on prioritizing, just need to make it happen:
  1. Scrapbook ONE layout/Get going on Project Life 2010 album:  I will not continue to allow my son's photos and memories to live on a hard drive.  They need to be printed, stuck on a page and the story written out.  One a month I can handle.  And, one paves the way for two...
  2. Clean off the dresser top in our bedroom:  Our bedroom is not baby proofed and, as such, not much used and becomes a virtual dumping ground for mail piles and other things we don't have room for in our main living areas. I dread walking through the door at times because it isn't a restful place right now.  Really romantic.  Last week I purged my closet.  This month the dresser top need to be cleaned off.  And it needs to stay that way.
  3. Purge the bathroom shelves: We have a tall, narrow shelving unit in our bath that is over-run with toiletries (samples, old stuff, half-full pots and bottles, new).  If it isn't being used, it needs to go. We will eventually be selling this condo and creating the illusion of more space is key.
    I'd like to get that piece out of the bath completely and send it to the cub for large trash pick-up but, the purging must happen first. 
Since I am posting this a full week into the month, here a few pics of my progress to this point.  Yesterday I took out my long neglected PL '10 album (all contained in one bag so it's easy to grab) and sat down for an hour putting the first few pages together.  There are placeholder spots for photos I need to find and I haven't done too much personalization yet but, it is started. And, away we go...

Call me crazy but, there is something nice about putting this together in retrospect.  Look how tiny my little boy was!  It's a perfect excuse to go back over all of those tired, sweet new moments :) 


Jenn said...

Good luck this month!! I like this goal concept, sounds manageable. I made the same kind of scrapbook for A's first year also. It took me about 18 months to complete but I love that I have it and look back at it often.

Jes said...

looks like it's coming together! can't wait to see how you progress. and i too agree - it's great putting it together a year later, you have so much hindsight, much more to add to the journaling!

i love the 3 in 30 idea!

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