friday favorites...

Favorite piece of clothing:  This changes all the time but, right now, I am loving the two-toned grey wool/cashmere cardigan that I picked up at Banana Republic on sale last fall.  It's snuggly and warm, goes with just about everything and is just a bit fitted so it doesn't add any bulk (I really, really don't need any added bulk right now!)

Favorite Superhero: Any successful working-out-of-home mom.  Okay, so it's not the stuff of comic books but a job out of the house, parenting, being a good spouse and keeping up a home is not easy.  I admire moms who manage to juggle it all successfully and gracefully. If they can manage a minimum degree of guilt while they are at it?  An added bonus.
Favorite Movie: My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding.  Yes, really. Slumdog Millionaire, The Blind Side and pretty much any Julia Roberts movie (I know, I know) are also on my list.  Except Closer.  Because, eww...horribly, terribly, traumatizingly awful.


Anonymous said...

Love the superhero Jenn! =)

Aurie said...

you are my superhero :)

I love, love, LOVE My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Jenn said...

ditto the superhero!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with superheroe work-out-of-home moms!

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