friday favorites and giveaway winner...

Favorite Song: "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" by the master songwriter, Billy Joel.  The storytelling, the emotion, the change in tempo and style all in one beautifully crafted masterpiece that I could listen to on a loop forever.  If I had to choose just one song to live on my iPhone, this would be it. 

An extremely close runner-up would be "American Pie" by Don McLean. Iconic, full of symbolism and even the full eight minute and twenty-seven second version always ends too soon for me.  This song conjures up so many memories of road trips of my childhood and happy times.

Favorite Food: Thai.  No, Italian.  No, it's Greek.  I am a self professed foodie. To choose one is just ridiculous. 

Favorite day of the week: Friday. Three weeks a month, my weekends (all blissful four days of them) begin when I wake up on Friday morning and get to spend the day with George.  Yes, it has to be Friday!

Now, for what several of you have been waiting for. The winner of the 25 Shutterfly.com photo card giveaway is comment #12...
Congratulations Brian!!!  I'm sure you will find the perfect Valentine card to compliment Julia and Grace's sweet smiles.  Enjoy!


Mrs E said...


I mean, Congratulations Brian! ;0)

I am a gracious loser. haha

Aurie said...

Totally with you on BJ - but I gotta disagree just a tad...my fav is Only the Good Die Young (and yes, it was long before I married Ken!)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

Jennifer said...

Love your favorite day. That is so sweet =)

Jenn said...

great song choices! If I got to spend one day alone with A, that would definitely be my favorite day too.

Teenie said...

I have to agree about Scenes from an Italian restaurant. It's such a great song. I like most of Billy Joe's tunes.

Jenny said...

I don't know that favorite song. I've never heard it.
I'm not sure if I could list just one favorite song. I have so many.

Glad that someone with kids won your giveaway. If I won it i would have been just sending out pics of me and hubs! LOL.

And I agree with you on the fave food. I usually always say Greek, but Italian, Thai, Sushi, Indian.... I just love all food!

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