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Dream job: What would I truly love to be when I grow up?  A photographer.  Specifically, maternity and newborn photography.  I love capturing the bloom of pregnancy and then a brand new life.  I
have a very long way to go toward this goal with so, so much to learn but I love to dream on this. Here are a few of my favorites shots from shoots I have done for friends and family:
Favorite vacation: I love to travel. No, I LOVE to travel.  Put me on a plane to anywhere, get me in a new destination and give me time to explore and immerse myself in someplace else and I am a happy girl.  From the moment I stepped off the Britih Airways jet at Heathrow airport to begin my study abroad experience years ago, I was hit with wanderlust.  Choosing a favorite vacation spot is likie asking me to choose a favorite book (oh wait, I need to do that next, hmm...). Nearly impossible.  The California mountains, several gorgeous spots in Mexico and the untouched perfection that is Alaska.  But, in the end, I am one of the luckiest that I have the privilege to go back to one of the most amazing places on earth time and time again.  Greece.  
Favorite book: I have likely read thousand of books in my lifetime. My parents instilled me with a love of reading at a very young age and I was never denied a new book.  I lose myself in books, tuning out the world around me and not recognizing when the sun has fallen and a room has gone dark.  Many evenings my mother or father would walk in my room to find me engrossed in a book and rouse me from the pages saying, "Don't you want a light?  You're going to strain your eyes in the dark."  So caught up in the plot, I hadn't noticed squinting in the twilight. 

That happened as I joined Anne Shirley on her many adventures and more times than I could possibly recount here.  So, I'll share a couple of my more recent favorites:
I could not get enough of either of these novels and was so disappointed when they ended.  Turning to the last page was like saying goodbye to a close friend after a particularly wonderful visit. Do yourself a favor, read them soon.


Anonymous said...

The book one is going to be somewhat tough for me too! I LOVE reading. Water for Elephants was a great book!

Aurie said...

hmmm...I recognize those little toes :) You are a fantastic photographer and it has been wonderful to watch you progress and work!!

Lisa said...

Fun post! And I love your photos. I really think you have a true gift for capturing the beauty of the world in pictures. Keep it up :-)

Jenn said...

you are becoming a great photographer Jen. I envy your photos (and your camera). I studied abroad in England too and definitely caught a travel bug back in the day. Sadly the traveling has slowly stopped.

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