dreaming of decor...

Last weekend, Mr. Boom and I had HGTV on in the background as we played with George and did some things around the house.  As a Cash and Cari marathon came on, I casually mentioned that I would like to find and refinish a few pieces of furniture once we are find a larger space. I have an itch to take old discard pieces with good bones, sand them off, paint them interesting colors and give them home and function once again.

I want to walk into our home and see things that we have done together, created, made our own.  Just a few of numerous pieces that inspire:
I've been collecting images on Pinterest (not on Pinterest yet?  You need to be!) for the future, looking at blogs of crafty, talented refinishers and reading how-to articles on stripping paint, sanding and painting techniques.  Enamoured.


Anonymous said...

I love those 2 bottom photos.

Kendra said...

Love those. Ive always wanted to do this as well but I cant find something with enough charm.

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