what do you do all day?

It is the question routinely posed to stay-at-home moms.  What could you possibly do to fill your time? How do you stay busy (ha!)? How do you keep a schedule? Why isn't your house immaculate since you have all that free time on your hands (double HA!)?

Although I do work outside of the home, it's a part-time, three day schedule.  Meaning, I'm a SAHM more than not. That Mr. Boom and I are able to swing this schedule is something I'm grateful for every day. 

The days I am home, I am Mama.  My days consist of toddler meals, dishes, playtime, cleaning, singing silly songs, running errands, picking up toys, reading board books, a shower for me during Sesame Street, naps (hopefully!), organic while milk, washing sippies and bottles, dinner preparation and more playtime. Today is no exception.  We are semi-housebound this morning as our plow crew loads up and carts away the massive snow banks from our condo driveway. 

G has had breakfast, a bottle, nap resistance, morning snacktime and just engaged me in a play session with his Mega Bloks which went something like this: Mama builds a structure, G tears it down. And, repeat.

This one captures him so perfectly right now and was an instant favorite.  I've been trying to catch that pursed lip look of determination and finally got it (a bit blurred but, caught). Coming right at me as if to say, "I'm gonna get 'cha!" 
I love my stay at home days with this little man.

P.S. - The pics were all shot in manual.  I'm practicing and making progress a little bit at a time!


Brianna said...

Love those cheeks!

Aurie said...

I often think, what did I do with all my time before I had kids??

Great shots of your little man!

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