gotta love a bargain...

Thursday was an unexpected snow day from work.  New York City had nearly 20" of snow, no buses were running, schools were closed and the mayor had declared a snow emergency by 5:00 am.  Still, by the time I needed to leave for work at 8:00 there was still no word about my offices closing.  That notice came in the way of a phone call at 8:40 am: CLOSED...as I was about 5 minutes from work. 

After circling block after block and finding that every parking lot was closed due to the depth of the snow, I headed back for the highway and thought about what I could do with a bit of surprise time to myself.  G was safely at home with his sitter and surely I could come up with some errands to run.  I started off by finding (on the third attempt) an open Starbucks for a leisurely caramel macchiato and bit of reading on my Kindle. Then, made my way toward home stopping for a sorely overdue oil change. 

As I was sitting waiting for my car to finish, I remembered the incredible deals I had gotten on clothes for G earlier in the week at the Old Navy clearance sale (with an extra 50% off all clearance prices).  I had picked up 4 long sleeve tees, 2 long sleeve polos, 1 Steelers jersey, 1 fleece sweatshirt and 1 fleece jacket plus a playground ball for George, several in size 2T for next fall/winter, all for $19.  That day, he was getting impatient and there was no chance of looking for anything for myself.  But, with this free time?  A quick trip to the mall was in order. 

There was so much inventory that it was a bit overwhelming to look though and try to find sizing but, I was able to walk out with two pieces that I really like and for a steal:
This embellished tank came to $2.97.
And this black, button down tuxedo shirt was $3.45.  Can't beat that!  Moral of the story, always make time to take advantage of end of season clearance sales.


Jenn said...

I have that same tuxedo shirt in blue. It's so cute!

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